Workers of the World, Support the French Workers’ Strikes!

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Workers of the World, Support the French Workers’ Strikes!

For over a month and a half, French workers have mobilized against President Sarkozy’s so-called « reform » of the retirement age. We have seen demonstrations with up to 3.5 million people in the streets, strikes at thousands of businesses and work places, road blocks put up everyday in all the business centers, and the impressive strike of oil refinery workers, supported by all of the working class in France, to create an oil shortage. But now this movement needs solidarity from workers all over the world.

In France, being on strike means you get no wages at all, because there’s no tradition of strike pay or wages being subsidized by the unions. This is a major problem for the strike, because many people are tending to « delegate »
others sectors to go on strike for them. But now, some union and workers’ organisations are beginning to set up solidarity funds to help the strike continue for weeks or months, if necessary.

Sarkozy’s government tries to ignore the oil shortage, because he fears total economic paralysis. He uses any means for that, including importing oil refined in others countries. Already, the CGSP union in Belgium has declared they will call for a strike to stop any attempts to import oil from Belgium or trough Belgium, in order to help French workers to win on their demands and defeat Sarkozy’s government.

In Brazil and England, working people have organised demonstrations in front of French embassies to express their support for French workers.

Working-class organisations have sent statements of support. It is important to organise world solidarity among workers, as our class faces the same struggle all over the world.

This is why we are calling on all the workers’ organisations of the world to:

  • Express their solidarity with the strike movement in France
  • Organise demonstrations in front of French embassies, consulates or businesses
  • Call for strikes against any attempt to export oil to France and to stop these exports
  • Help financially support the workers on strike in the most strategically important sectors (refinery and other branches with a strong economic impact)

Worker-Communist Initiative (Initiative Communiste-ouvrière) –
E-mail : – (00 33) 6 17 56 01 74
Workers Party in America –
Red Star Society of the United States –
Abroad Committee of Worker-communist party of Iran- Hekmatist

Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan –
Worker-communist Party of Iraq –



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